Lviv."Saturday"s Post" 03.07.2009

The concert in the memory of Pablo Sarasate in Lviv

In the concert season 2008 - 2009 music world celebrated the centenary of the death of a prominent Spanish composer and violinist Pablo Sarasate. One concert was held in Ukraine, in Lviv. In the city where Sarasate performed at the end of his concert career in 1903.

Organiser of concert Ostap Shutko is not only talented and successful violinist, winner of international competitions, but no less gifted organiser of musical events, once again realizes artistic projects that have the aim to attract a wider range of audience to the concert halls. The concert in memory of Sarasate, despite the end of the season, bad wheather and stressful time of the session period attended much more people than could be expected.

An additional highlight of each concert becomes that Ostap can build the program and its implementation. Using the experience of many famous musicians around the world, he is not afraid to include popular pieces, hits of academic music, free to talk about them, and even communicate with the public, to ask questions to specialists, sitting in the hall, and find about known, and unknown works, he performes on stage, interesting information.
Concert program of the concert can be described as symbolic.

The evening started with "Kreutzer Sonata" by L. van Beethoven - the piece that a prominent Spaniard played during his concert in Ukraine. Ostap Shutko performed the sonata with known pianist Peter Dovgan.

The surprise to the public, not specified in the poster, was world premiere of the piece for violin solo, written specially for this concert. Lviv composer Victor Kaminsky just for a few days wrote a very virtuoso piece - and could be in the memory of Sarasate written something not virtuoso? - With an extravagant name of "Wandering spirit of artist", the composer coded in primary musical theme name " Sarasate". Using most advanced techniques of violin playing and a few quotations from the works of Sarasate, the author created the music with tense, sometimes even hard, but he did not forget about "Spanish" lyrics. And the fact that the young violinist could prepare this very difficult text for two days, showes a professional level, and the extraordinary artistic intelligence, which naturally turns musician from classical masterpieces to the romantic music of Sarasate (Shutko chose for this concert Sarasate"s wonderful "Romanza Andaluza"), and from it - to works written here and now."

Special guests of the concert was the young Spanish violinist Eva Leon, who in recent years lived in New York. Born in exotic paradise for tourists, the Canary Islands, she studied with many prominent pedagogues, including Ukrainian maestro Oleg Krysa, winner of most violin competition in Spain she won the prestigious award in the USA what gave her an opportunity to perform in the most prestigious halls .
Her style of play really fascinating - not that she was finally impeccable, with some treatment could even argue, but most importantly the violinist demonstrated his own artistic personality. And in the famous concert by F. Mendelssohna-Bartoldi and no less popular "Zigeunerweisen" by Sarasate Eva Leon, delicately feeling the style of each work, presented her own image of luxuriously romantic diva. Easily and naturally, she chose the tempo and pointed elected places.

We must mention Academic Lviv Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and conductor Yuri Bervetsky, which on the "fly" caught art openings of Spanish violinist. Finally, she praised the cooperation with Lviv artists and expressed particular admiration to Lviv public.

Lyubov Kyjanovska